About MindWrite Communications

We’re different. Unlike most agencies, we take the time and make the effort to thoroughly understand your business, your technology, and your customers. We will become a part of your marketing team.

What they are saying about us

"Rudolph Technologies works closely with MindWrite to manage the various facets of our global communications programs. Their understanding of the semiconductor manufacturing industry, at both a business and technical level, has proven to be invaluable in communicating to our customers and investors." - Virginia Becker, Marketing Communications Manager, Rudolph Technologies, Inc.

"Professional. They know their clients and the technology, and even better know the media and won't call you unnecessarily. One of the few PR organizations that I, as a journalist, enjoy working with." - Alex Braun, Senior Editor, Semiconductor International magazine

"MindWrite combines in-depth understanding of the needs of our customers and the media, a solid technology background, responsiveness, initiative and planning. They are a cost-effective and vital part of our communications strategies." - Fletcher Chamberlin, Treasurer and Corporate Communications Director, FEI Company

"MindWrite did an extraordinary job launching our company and products. They put a strategic plan in place and executed it seamlessly and cost-effectively. They are driven and know what it takes to achieve excellent results." - Terence Lundy, Managing Director, Hyphenated Systems